9 Falmouth Street

VRA Core


9 Falmouth Street


1851 1900


Main entrances have one white double door and one white single door; red entrance to club faces Falmouth Street; Mostly reconstructed front facade and parts of side facades with concrete in-fill. Cast concrete walls stick out on right side of building from the original wall that remains behind poured concrete. Second story has white double door with sunburst transom and ornate white double windows and white sash windows. Cast concrete balcony on second story faces Falmouth Street and uses a red, blue, and white painted color scheme; -main house and left addition use a yellow painted color scheme with blue painted water table.
Addition is one story large room/space for club with flat metal roof with exterior bamboo siding facing Falmouth Street. Bamboo siding used on whole north wall surface; red wooden door with yellow writing used as entrance to club; plywood store room and kitchen addition to left of main house. Mostly blue painted color scheme for bamboo used.


Wharf District





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