9 King Street

VRA Core


9 King Street


1801 1850


Hipped cap-n-comb roof with three peaks and fiber glass shingles. Addition on the west end has a flat roof with gabled sky light. Walls are sand-dashed. There is a wrap around porch on the entire east side and the east half of the north side with chamfered posts and decorative railing. The porch railing is raised on the north side. There are gates to the porch on both the north and east sides. Two double doors on east side separated by 6 over 6 glass window. Two 6 over 6 glass windows on the west end of the north facade are encased by trellis. Four 6 over 6 glass windows on the south side also encased by trellis. Mosaic tiled walkway to south entrance of building. Walk way has four wood louvered windows, two 6 over 6 glass windows and a central wooden door.
Addition has double arched wooden doors. Tile patio outside wooden door.


Rodney Street District





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